Read each pair of descriptions and indicate the one that describes you best.
Which do you naturally prefer? Keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers as we make use of all aspects of our personality at one time or another.

Learns best through understanding patterns

Learns best through direct experience
Tends to initiate interactions with others
Tends to be more self contained
Relieved by nailing things down
Prefers staying open to sudden opportunities
Prefers a people/communication orientation
Prefers a technical/ scientific orientation
Acts, speaks, THEN reflects
Reflects, THEN acts and speaks
Admires practical solutions
Admires creative solutions
Guided by personal values
Seeks logical consistency
Surprises often catch me off-guard
Surprises make life more interesting
Seeks a variety of people and experiences
Thoughtful about new undertakings
Concerned first with impact on others
Concerned first with objective truth
Prefers sticking to the schedule
Welcomes improvisation
Starting point-- the facts
Starting point-- the idea
Readily express thoughts
Selectively express thoughts
Approaches goals impersonally
On the look-out for personal connections
Persuaded by what can be imagined
Persuaded by what is tangible
Seeks closure
Wants more information
Feels restless during extended time alone
Savors extended time alone
Won over by a logical argument
Won over by a heartfelt appeal
Trusts more in direct experience
Trusts more in future possibilities
Prefers unscripted scenarios
Prefers routine
Focuses more on analysis and objectivity
Focuses more on empathy and harmony
Drawn to concrete data
Drawn to abstract ideas
Talks more than listen
Listens more than talks
Believes adapting creates opportunities
Believes planning creates opportunities
Starts with facts and data when deciding
Starts with values and feelings when deciding
Enjoys making plans
Likes to wait and see
Drawn to conceptually interesting theories
Drawn to theories that are practical
Speaks faster and more spontaneously
Speaks slower and more deliberately

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